Features:WeBuzz Chat

One Contact List for all Buddies on all Accounts

You can now have all your buddies from multiple IM accounts in one single list.

Multiple Profiles

You can have more than one profile with different settings. No need to modify your sitting every time.

Email Notification for Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail

Every time you receive an email, you will be notified by the sender and the subject.

Instant Translation

You can translate any word(s) or sentence to different languages.

Offline Messages

WeBuzz IM supports sending and receiving offline messages.

Send Messages to PC

You can send messages to your friends who are using Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Gtalk on PC.

Works on the Background

WeBuzz IM can run on the background so you can call, navigate web sites,..etc without any distributing from WeBuzz IM.

Buddy Management

You can Add, Delete or Rename a contact.

Self Presence Control

Chooe your current presence (Available, Away, Busy, Don't Disturb, Invisible)

Multiple Chat Sessions

You can open multiple chat sessions at the same time.


  • J2ME MIDP 2.0
  • Mobile internet connection, contact your mobile operator to have a compatible data service activated for you.


  • Select the suitable WeBuzz IM version for your mobile or Blackberry. 
  • Press donwload then follow the instructions. 
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